Vol. 37 No. 1 (2020): Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Journal

Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Journal = MIRTJ

Dear colleagues,

I would like to present you the first issue of Medical imaging and Radiotherapy journal, an updated version of the Bulletin: Newsletter of the Slovenian Society of Radiographers and is now published solely in English language. The editorial board has come to this decision so high-quality research can be presented to a wider circle of readers, which cannot be done if the journal is published in Slovenian language. Such a decision was unanimously adopted at the assembly of the Society in 2019. From this year onwards, the journal also possesses a website that can be accessed on the link http://mirtjournal.net/index.php/home. From this summer, an archive of all articles published in the journal Bulletin from the beginning of its publication in 1983 until today can be found on the mentioned website. We have also updated the instructions for authors. The article submission process is now run by the Open Journal System (OJS), therefore I would like to kindly ask you to create a user account, which will allow you to submit your article and also automatically create your personal archive. I hope that a wider range of readers will encourage you to present your research and show the whole world the quality and knowledge that the Slovenian radiographers have. We have also decided that you will now receive the journal via e-mail in the pursuit of the cleaner environment.

As the journal is now available to a wider circle of readers, we also expect to receive manuscripts from colleagues from all over the world, which will further enrich our journal and provide us with a broader view and knowledge in our fi eld. The journal remains free and is freely available to all readers on the journal’s website and in the databases that index the journal.

I would like to inform you that this year we have had the honor of presenting ourselves as a country at one of the largest radiology congresses in the world – ECR, as a part of the EFRS meets session, which took place in the virtual environment due to the current pandemic around the world. I would like to thank all four lecturers who prepared excellent lectures, each from their own field.

This year’s International Day of Radiology (IDOR) topic was COVID-19 pandemic. The Slovenian Society of Radiographers together with the Slovenian Chamber of Radiographers, the Medical imaging and radiotherapy department at the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Association of Radiologists, organized International day of Radiology and Radiologic technology with more than 350 participants. The event, like all events this year, took place in the virtual environment. We had the opportunity to listen to excellent lectures from our fellow radiographers and radiologists and microbiologists.On behalf of the Society, I would like to thank all radiographers who are currently professionally and proudly pursuing their profession, despite the very difficult times in the country and around the globe caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For this purpose, Slovenian Society of Radiographers prepared a poster in support. It can be found at the end of the journal, and be received by e-mail if anyone would like to print it out.

Stay safe and healthy,
Nejc Mekis
Editor-in-chief of MIRTJ

Published: 28.10.2020

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