Vol. 38 No. 2 (2021): Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Journal

Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Journal = MIRTJ

Dear colleagues,

We are introducing the second issue of the Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy journal, volume 38 (2021). The journal’s editorial board is proud and happy that good word about our journal was spread and that we are receiving manuscripts from different countries and different topics. The journal remains a free open-access journal available to all readers on the journal’s website and in the databases that index the journal. We invite you to view the journal’s website, which is available at http://mirtjournal.net/index.php/home. All the necessary information of how to prepare and submit the manuscripts can be found on the mentioned website. Besides that, a complete archive of the journal from its very beginning.

Nejc Mekis
Editor-in-chief of MIRTJ

Published: 17.12.2022

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